Capital Punishment - essay

Burning flesh, flaming, smoked and charred bodies, and more gruesome deaths are botched executions of the capital punishment The Capital Punishment also known as the death penalty is the highest level of punishment by the law. In California, the death penalty was reinstated in 1977 and 13 people have been executed since then.

When Buck was handed to the Skookum Bench King

When Buck was handed to the Skookum Bench King, Thornton's face was in a deluge of tears and started to curse softly. Buck had known this would happen because of the way John Thorton looked at the money. The King's guards are always on the king's side and always there to protect him and to do whatever is told. But when the Skookum Bench King gave the money over to Thorton.

Inchun and I

Inchun and I haven’t gone any sleep,we stay up all night thinking what if aunt tiger was still alive? Somewhere out there alone and what about mama? Was she still alive too? Inchun and I had hoped for the best but thought of the worst The red cross had given us paper and a pen to write. Me and Inchun thought it cost an arm and a leg.