Inchun and I

Inchun and I haven’t gone any sleep,we stay up all night thinking what if aunt tiger was still alive? Somewhere out there alone and what about mama? Was she still alive too?

Inchun and I had hoped for the best but thought of the worst

The red cross had given us paper and a pen to write. Me and Inchun thought it cost an arm and a leg. But the red cross had told us that it was part of their care to write a letter to those we care about. The shealter was as clean as a brand new house. And smelt like the cleaner mama had used when cleaning the house,i gasped I had an idea like *POOF* an idea came into my mind. I had to tell Inchun and so I did “ Inchun what if we escape tonight while everyone is asleep and go on a journey to find mama!.” Inchun looked at me like I was crazy but at the same time Inchun kind of liked my idea.

It was Dark the lights were out , thats when Me and Inchun knew it was bedtime. And time for us to escape out of here. We waited until everyone was asleep, I tiptoed like a quiet mouse to the food inventory and started packing some food and water while Inchun Prepared extra clothes. When I was done ,I went to go check on Inchun he, was done too. We tiptoed to the door when we saw flashlights! It was the red cross staff ”HIDE” i whispered. I hid UnderNeath a bed While inchun hide under the bed with me Once the coast was clear we Made a run for it To the door we couldn’t risk getting caught We thought of where mama and aunt tiger could be if they were alive. Bingo! There was a warehouse near Aunt tigers house , “Where they had killed her” apparently I remembered the way ,but it would take us days to get there since we were far away so inchun and I started Walking there slowly We made it to the worst part the Hill.

The hill is the worst because of how steep it is going down it’s not easy,i carried Inchun on my back and went down the hill slowly ,hoping I that I wouldn’t fall because I knew that if I fell inchun would fall down with me and we both would die.

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