Romeo and Juliet Rhetorical Analysis

In the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet, the play reveals the trials and tribulations for the two star-crossed lovers in fair Verona. Although, as the end nears closer and closer, readers discover the reasons why Romeo and Juliet were doomed in love from the very start. From feuds to deaths, and even tragic suicide, many are to blame and others are to be absolved. In the event of Romeo and Juliet’s death, the Capulet and Montague families, as well as Romeo and Juliet themselves, should be punished for their untimely death. As for who should be pardoned for their death, both Friars, John and Lawrence are pardoned.
The two families, Capulet and Montague are to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s death due to the fact that they began the whole feud which caused the lovers to act out. In (1.1.76-82), this situation represents the hatred between the two families which in turn gives the reader a sense of knowledge of how vicious and strong the feud is. Knowing this, it gives an explanation of why Romeo and Juliet would lash out in hatred towards their parents. Along with this, (2.2.36-39) and (2.2.68-78) both project the idea that they both know that they are forbidden lovers due to their parent’s hatred toward each other and how they would get killed if they were seen with each other at all. This explains why the two would want to get married and run away so quickly and why they would rebel against their parent’s wishes. Overall, the Capulet and Montague families’ feud is the root of the problem for Romeo and Juliet’s death.
The two star-crossed lovers are to blame for their own because it was self-inflicted and they were too eager and impulsive which created the tragic sequence of events. As read in (5.3. 101-120) and also in (5.3.166-175), Shakesphere wrote the two lovers’ tragic suicide. This can explain the reason that it is Romeo and Juliet’s fault for their own death because it was a self-inflicted suicide, and they had control of their own and actions which meant that they did not have to kill themselves when they did. Their impulsiveness and eagerness are shown in (4.1.69-90), (4.3.57-60), and (5.3.70-73). These citations show both Romeo and Juliet’s impulses with love. With Romeo killing Tybalt and Paris out of rage, that goes to show how far he will go for the people he loves and that goes to show that he would certainly do anything for Juliet, which he did by dying for her. Also, Juliet was blinded by love already with Romeo and that takes over her and her decisions. So when Juliet decides to take up Friar Lawrence’s offer to temporarily poison herself, Juliet immediately agrees since it meant being with the one she loved forever. All of this goes to show how impulsive the two were and how they are at fault for their own deaths.
As for who should be pardoned, Friar John and Lawrence are to be in this case because they were just trying to settle the feud for the greater good. In (4.1.91-122), Friar Lawrence offers Juliet a chance to finally unite with Romeo and be with him forever. The Friar doesn’t know that his plan won’t work and he expects Juliet and Romeo to be together in the end. In the book, (5.3.13-30) explains that Friar John was not able to deliver the urgent letter to Romeo in time because the city was locked down due to an infectious outbreak during that time. Thus, resulted in Friar John getting held back and not being able to go through with Friar Lawrence’s request. Also stated in the story, (2.3.91-99) shows that Friar Lawrence agreed to marry Romeo and Juliet so that the two families could unite and be at peace once and for all. To sum this all up, none of these events are self-inflicted and both Friars never knew that these events would go wrong. So in turn, even if their actions can count against them, they were completely in the unknown about the things that would occur or follow the situation.
In this tragic and epic love story, many people were at fault for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, including themselves to blame. Although as the evidence unfolds, there are people who were involved in the two’s relationship that only wanted what was best for the greater good and what was best for the two lovers in the long run. There can be fingers pointed and blame circling all around but, it is a tragic suicide that will forever go down in the romance history. I had trouble doing my essay. But what a luck, I’ve found this rhetorical essay topics base. I’ve read so many samples of assignments there, and it helped me to create my own one.

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