When Buck was handed to the Skookum Bench King

When Buck was handed to the Skookum Bench King, Thornton's face was in a deluge of tears and started to curse softly. Buck had known this would happen because of the way John Thorton looked at the money. The King's guards are always on the king's side and always there to protect him and to do whatever is told. But when the Skookum Bench King gave the money over to Thorton. Buck saw the Skookum Bench King do hand signals to his guards, and those looked very familiar to Buck, Buck has seen that when Judge Miller's son was playing bad guys, but Buck did not know what that meant until now. The king's guards started to attack Thorton, and something came into Bucks brain which told him to attack the king’s guards, and so he attacked at even though the guards had knives and had protection everywhere except the neck. Buck attacked the neck of the guard on the left and started to bite through the neck of him and so the Huskies surround them after a while the guards and the king fell and were gulped down by the swarm of husky's.

“ Good job Buck we got an extra $1000”. When John Thorton got an extra $1000, he went over to a place to buy supplies to go over to the Yukon and dig for gold. Thorton went to pay the salesman, Buck noticed that the salesman was Judge Miller's son. Buck was so pleased with excitement that he sprung up at Judge Miller's son which made Thorton think that Buck was attacking.

“Stop Buck” Thorton yelled with an antagonizing mood.

The Judge's son said softly “ No it's ok, that was my best friend and my helper, but he was stolen by one of my father's workers”.

“Well, I am going to the Yukon to find some gold and hopefully have a better and happier life, and when I am done at the Yukon I will return Buck so does that sound ok if I use Buck,” Thorton exclaimed.

“Yeah It's fine, you can use Buck, but you will need some supplies, so you can get as many supplies as you want,” The Judges son said beatific mood.

Thorton got many supplies such as food, drinks, shelters, things to heat him up, weapons, and two white horses, but instead of paying Miller's son, he gave him the equipment for free. On the way to the Yukon, Thorton and his team of sled dogs took a break while the horses ran, through rivers, attacks by people, they still managed to make through to the Yukon alive. When they made is they saw many signs like welcome to the Yukon, Gold is everywhere and 1000 Ib required. John Thorton saw the sign for 1000 Lbs required.

“The only reason they are telling us to bring 1000 Lbs is to rob us,” Thorton said in a squicky tone.

After a few days of climbing the Chilkoot trail, Thorton, the dogs, and the horses were exhausted and relieved.

The men at the top of the Chilkoot trail said “ EH sir Yu no here, one tousand pound need” but when they saw Buck with his untamed like teeth they let him right in and said, “ EH gud Luk, you gunna need it”.

Thorton walked right in and the rest of his animals followed him.

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